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The breasts are an integral aspect of a woman’s sense of femininity. Although trends have varied from small, perky breasts to large, overflowing breasts, surgical enhancement has remained a consistent pathway to achieve beautiful results.

Undergoing breast enhancement is a personal decision. During your consultation Dr. Baylan and his assistant will discuss your concerns and your goals. Together we will build a breast enhancement plan.

Kinds of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast Augmentation

This technique uses saline or silicone breast implants to improve breast shape, size, and projection.

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Breast Lift

A breast lift repositions breast tissue, to restore proper height & projection to the breasts.

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery adjusts the size and shape of overly large breasts.

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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery helps rebuild the breasts after cancer or an accident, restoring the breasts.

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Gynecomastia surgery removes excessive breast tissue development in males. Each surgery is unique.

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Am I a Candidate For Breast Enhancement Surgery?

Most healthy adults can be good candidates for breast enhancement. Ideal candidates do not smoke or use tobacco products. This habit impedes the oxygenation of tissue that is needed for optimal recovery and affects wound healing. Patients should also be in good physical and emotional health. Breast enhancement is not a path to self-confidence, it is an enhancer of a good self-image.

Before breast procedures, Dr. Baylan conducts a thorough consultation and health history to ensure the desired procedure will be safe and effective and that the patient has realistic expectations of what treatment can do for them.

Breast Enhancement Surgery Results

After achieving the desired shape and breast size, our patients have reported higher self-confidence and a sense of connection with their body.

Breast enhancement can improve the way clothes fit and expand a person’s fashion options. This is true whether the breasts are enlarged or reduced. In cases of reduction, patients often gain physical and emotional comfort through shaping that brings the breasts into alignment with the frame of the body.

With a plastic surgery plan, tailored to a patient’s desired outcome and current physical form, Dr. Baylan can build up the volume and shape of the breasts to look firm, perky, and youthful.

Are Breast Enhancement Procedures Safe?

Breast enhancement procedures have been around for many years and are considered safe and effective. Over time, improvements have been made to breast implant devices to make them more lifelike as well as more efficient. Though the risk of rupture or leak remains, this is lower than it once was thanks to enhancements to silicone consistency and breast implant shells.

We encourage you to use your consultation time to voice any questions or concerns. We truly believe a successful surgery is part surgeon and part patient. We want you to be as prepared as you possibly can for your surgery.

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Top 3 Things to Consider with Dr. Baylan

Are Breast Enhancement Procedures Painful?

Most of our breast enhancement surgeries are conducted in an outpatient surgical center. Patients receive general anesthesia for most procedures, as well as a local anesthetic that numbs nerve endings. Anesthesia successfully inhibits pain receptors from firing in the brain, making surgery a comfortable process for patients.

Post-operatively, patients who undergo breast augmentation, lift, or other procedures can expect to feel soreness and tenderness. The side effects of surgery are alleviated with pain medication and firm surgical garments that support the breasts during initial healing.

Within 10 to 14 days, most of the initial discomfort from surgery has resolved and patients can resume light activities. More strenuous activities need to be postponed until cleared by the surgeon so as not to increase bruising, swelling, or disrupt healing incisions.